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~*Kiss Me, Xander*~
A ballroom for fellow Xanderettes of Alexander Lee Eusebio
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Emo Xander
Xanderettes/Kiss Mes might have noticed that Alexander have not been on twitter for 5 days.

We are not exactly sure what's going on at this moment as the UKiss members and Xander's family are not saying anything either.

We know that he is at a recording studio base on the following info from KissMe UKiss blog post (Credits: kissmeukiss + union0301 + rocketboxx.net)


So really, where are you Alexander Lee Eusebio? Whatever's going on, let's all give him 100% support and let's not ask him about what's going on because when he's ready, I'm sure he would let us know.

Meanwhile, we will be trending #whereisAlexander today at 6pm KST. Kindly join us Xanderettes / Kiss Mes ^^
Dorky Xander
First of all ALL the glory to GOD~!♡ I want to thank God. My parents (Daddy-O a.k.a Uncle A & mommy @Chungmi) my sister Victoria nuna (I miss you!) My grandfather who is in heaven, our pretty grandmother Kyeonghee Mama, my aunts, Aunt Jane and Uncle JC (Aunt! You're the one who made me into a U-KISS member! Thank you! ^^) Aunt Jean (my pretty aunt in Singapore). Uncle Choongseob, Teacher Park Eunah (Nuna at the health club! Keke~). Jaeson Ma (My sooo cool pastor bro) & Vanness Van Wu (SOL bros! You guys re-opened my heart!! 0901). Armindo (miss u bro!) Pastor Johan (Master~ Keke) & my family at Macau Presbyterian Church! (Thank you for always supporting and praying for me! ^^)

NH EMG Presedent Kim & wife Bang Eun Hee (Congratulations on your wedding! Be happy! Bbang nuna~ Please treat us well in future!^^ ♡)Songwriter Kim Tae Hyun and Kim Tae Wan, DM hyung, songwriter PJ who wrote good songs for us (Thank you! It was fun recording too!^^) Iceland!! (Thank you for filming the Man Man Ha Ni + Bingeul Bingeul + Shut up music videos well! Ju Hee Shin nuna daebak!) Lee Yong Hee nuna (Best ideas!) Bboyoon nuna (Best photos!) Almighty Stylist Kyeongmi nuna (Ha~~~ Kyeongmi! ___! Keke!). Shin Hyung Jun hyung (Cool choreographies!). Brave brothers' Dongcheon hyung (You're the man! Thank you for writing good songs for us since debut!) & everyone at BRAVE Sound. ElectroBoyz (Maboos hyung ma rap teacher & Randy hyung). The stylists at Avenue Juno + staffs (Stylist Eun Hae, Taehyun hyung... There are so many names! Keke~ Thank you for doing our Hair & Make-up so well!) Eunkyung nuna, Seong Hee nuna & friends @ JYP (Although we're not from the same agency, thank you for always taking care of us!) Han Sang Ho hyung (My cool health trainer!). Arirang Pops in Seoul & the M wave family. Isak nuna, Younha @younhaholic (Cheer up! Hehe~).

NH EMG family (Lee Jong Hwa, Tae Un hyung, Tae Suk hyung, Hwa Suk hyung, Tae Yeon hyung, Mun Sung hyung, Chang Wan hyung, Jiyeong nuna) Fighting!!!Last but never the least, our one and only love & support... KISS-ME INTERNATIONAL!!! (Please continue to support us in future! I love you~ ^3^) GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!

P.S. Hey U-KISS.. We're not relatives but my kind younger brothers who live and worry like a real family... Really love you guys.. I love you~♥ We're the best! U-Kiss fighting!!!

CREDITS: jungsimmode (SCANS) + ukissme.SG (TRANSLATIONS)
Whatever Xander

The boys will have a new blog soon which would be updated with messages from the boys as well as photos of their activities.

Putting that aside, aren't the boys' new image sexy? The boys' have clearly work hard to get their hot bodies.

October 4 is just two days away... I could hardly wait for the music video to be release!
Dorky Xander
The track list for U-Kiss 4th mini album is out!

1. Before Yesterday
2. 시끄럿!!
3. Light It Up
4. Rock ‘Ya Body
5. Avatar
6. 시끄럿!! (Inst.)

Album is set to be release on 4th Oct and it comes with a 50 page photo booklet!

[News Credit: All KPop]

PS: If you are living in Singapore, please do check out our twitter for news in regards to album pre-order.
6th-Jul-2010 11:30 pm - NH Media address
Dorky Xander
For those who wish to send letter to Xander and the other boys, here's the address in Korean and English.

135-815 서울시 강남구 논현동10-7 동남빌딩 B2

10-7 #B2 DongNam Bldg. Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-815, South Korea
Dorky Xander
Hi guys,

As you guys might have know by now, Xander's rather upset over a recent incident which have been caused, probably by an anti or inconsiderate fan.

We would like to let Xander know that we would stand by him no matter what and thus would like to send an encouragement card to him, along with his birthday presents.

The purpose of this is for Xanderettes to write words of encouragement to him. If you have small items which you would like to give to Xander, you can pass it to me on that day.

As I've tweeted on KissMe_Xander's twitter, the location for the meet up would be at Tanjong Pagar's Tom and Toms cafe (It's at Icon Village), 1pm next Saturday, 10th July.

Please bring along a photo of your favorite local delicacies because we will use those photos to make a special present for Xander.

I know that some of you guys would most likely be at another Kpop group's event on that day but for those who can come, please kindly do so. I will be there with my friend till 3pm. Please kindly sms me at 98523927 if you can't find the place.

Also, for those of you who wishe to donate for Xander's present, we would really appreciate it. I'm thinking of getting him a Merlyn doll? We would definitely record down the names of the folks who are donating. The amount donated would be used on the present and EMS shipping fee.

Thanks and see you next Saturday ^^

Please kindly leave a comment if you are going to attend this? Thanks!
Whatever Xander
I'm sure by now most Xanderettes and Kiss Mes have seen the whole madness at twitter this afternoon.

Here's a summary of Xander's tweets.

"Good afternoon everyone. I would like to clarify something today. I have NEVER said that Philippines fans are RUDE. Pls do not accuse me of saying anything I didn't. Especially to my beloved fans in PHILIPPINES. Dude come on, it's PHILIPPINES. Y would I dislike them huh?

Secondly, please RESPECT my FATHER @AnthonyEusebio n leave him alone. He is just a normal businessman who enjoys interacting, helping our fans. He is NOT a celebrity so please respect his freedom n personal RIGHTS. He is NOT obligated to respond to EVERYBODY.

I would just ask for all your RESPECT towards my FAMILY n their personal rights. Don't get me wrong.. I'm NOT angry but just upset if anyone deliver problems to my beloved family. Last but not the least, give me a break please n stop causing any problems for the time being. Thank u very much n sorry for any inconvenience. God bless."

I'm not going to continue this rage because I've already vented my anger on twitter this whole afternoon. But all I have to say is, the Alexander Lee Eusebio I know is a humble, sincere, playful n happy-go-lucky chap who never throws away fan gifts because he treasures every single Xanderettes. I trust and believe in him 100%. He is not the kind to say such mean things about Xanderettes/Kiss Mes

It is also not fair for fans to take Uncle Anthony for granted. Like what Xander says, Uncle A is NOT a celebrity. Technically speaking, he could choose not to come onto twitter and interact with the fans. He's doing this because he love his son. It's really disappointing to see some fans speak ill off him without considering Alexander's feelings. I can fully understand his disappointment and anger.

Having said that, fellow Xanderettes and Kiss Mes, I hope incident like this will never happen again. Oh and please, Alexander is still recovering from hand foot mouth disease. Please please please give him some personal space to recuperate.

To that person who have caused this whole madness, be it if you are an anti fan or an actual Kiss Me, I hope you know that no matter what you say or do, Kiss Mes hearts won't waiver.

Especially for me because after seeing these boys who, even after being mobbed by fans, did a 90 degree bow to Kiss Mes at Changi Airport departure hall, and our dear Alexander who could have just run into the lift but stopped and took my presents, said thank you with so much sincerity...

I would know that no matter what kinda of rumors lurked out there, it's not true and I would always believe in the boys. U-Kiss hwaiting!
Emo Xander
So Alexander's fallen sick... again >.<

He just tweeted. I think he was in the hospital for 3 hours for an IV drip. Poor boy.

-Xander's Tweets-

1) Was dead for 3 hours in hospital... but now I'm feelin better!! Time to cheer for KOREA!!! 대~~~한민국!!! (/^o^)/

2) Maybe not enough sleep recently n overworked my body.. Don't be like me, ok? Ouch!! KOREA!!! 괜찮아!!
Thinking Xander
It was a press conference filled with laughter as Korean boyband U-Kiss show the humorous side of them.

While Korean celebrities were previously perceived as being shy and reserved in interviews, Korean boy band U-Kiss shattered the stereotype as they entertained the press during the press conference.

The members' proficiency in different languages was a big factor, as it broke down the language barrier and allowed them to interact freely among themselves and with the media.

Alexander L. Eusebio says, in fluent English, that even when they quarreled, it was in different languages too.Alexander then re-enacted the argument in different languages to comic effect, causing everyone to roar with laughter.

Alexander added that despite that, the group members do not fight or quarrel frequently because everyone is calm and would communicate with each other.

"So we're like the United nations; making a big round and talk," jokes Alexander, leading to another round of laughter.

With other members coming from radically different backgrounds - Eli Kim and Kevin Woo grew up in the States, Alexander's mother was a Korean while his father was a Chinese-Portuguese - the Korean members would help the other members familiarize themselves with the Korean culture.

Alexander explains that the other members helped him learn how to communicate with seniors properly as the Korean showbiz is very particular about seniority.

When asked to expose each other's funny quirks, the boys did not hold back in dishing the dirt.Kevin, who was described as a 'pretty girl' by group members, said that Kim Ki Bum likes to sleep on the car and playfully asks what he does at night.

Alexander then went on to dish the dirt on Shin Soo Hyun's sleeping posture while demonstrating the way Soo Hyun snores and jerks his body when he sleeps.

"It's really annoying sleeping with him; he talks sometimes when he sleeps."

When it came to Lee Ki Seop, he brushed off the question and indicated that he has nothing quirky to show, only to have Soo Hyun exposing his 'special talent': stuffing coins up his nose.

The clearly-embarrassed Ki Seop protested, but gave in when a reporter volunteers a coin. Ki Seop gamely demonstrates by inserting the coin into his nostrils to the amusement of everyone present.

Soo Hyun takes a dig at Ki Seop afterwards, saying that "that's the funniest he's been today".

When a question of whether they would prefer a beautiful lady who underwent plastic surgery or someone is all natural but not beautiful was posed to U-Kiss, members expressed differing views.

Soo Hyun and Kevin prefer the all-natural choice, saying that looks does not matter as long as they care for each other. Dong Ho and Alexander chose the same option but Alexander has a hilarious reason for the choice.

"I don't want a baby who looks so different from the mom; I think for the future of my children."

On the other hand, Eli, Ki Bum and Ki Seop honestly replies that plastic surgery is not such a bad thing to do since it is a way of enhance oneself.

In reaction to Alexander's 'no-resemblance' comment, Ki Bum deftly defends their choice.

"If my children don't look like their mother, they can go ahead with plastic surgery too!"

Credits: Xin MSN Entertainment
Emo Xander
Before that...

My dear Xanderettes and Kiss Mes, those who have been a good fan, give yourself a big pat on the shoulders. For those of you have have pushed and cause other fans to fall, I'm pretty sure the mods from every other community have scolded you since yesterday. I'm not gonna do it anymore because you guys know who you are and you should reflect on your own mistakes.

At the airport, I've seen how hard it was for Alexander to walk with all the girls pushing him. Yet, he said "We'll return soon but please be careful!" He was really worried about you guys. When they went in, all the boys bowed. They gave us wonderful memories but did you guys really gave them the respect and love they deserved?

Hopefully, when the boys comes to Singapore again, you girls should know what to do.
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